For the most part of my life I have been searching for my dream job, my purpose and my passion, all in one. I have always wanted to do something that I could enjoy, yet be faced with new and exciting challenges every day. After getting a degree in Bsc and working different jobs, I found photography and immediately knew that this was the job that I had dreamed of all those years!

Living in the picturesque little town of Mossel Bay in South Africa, I am inspired daily by nature and my idyllic surroundings! But most of all, I absolutely love people, connecting with them, sharing in their joy and capturing the moments they will treasure for years!  It is in the spontaneous moments, laughter and joyful expressions, that I realize that there is no other place I would rather be!

It is my greatest desire and prayer that each and every photograph I share, bears witness to God’s manifold grace and goodness! Just as a negative image can cause harm and fear; I believe that God can heal, love and express His glory through images inspired by Him…

Random facts about me:

  • I love good coffee
  • I love dogs, they never ask questions and just love you unconditionally
  • I love travelling and adventure
  • I love nature and the freedom that it brings
  • I am a total adrenalin junkie
  • I love having heart to heart talks
  • I love randomness (hence the random facts)
  • Love to laugh! (as much as possible)